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Air Quality Tools, Systems and Data
Air Quality in Western Australia

The Department of Environment and Conservation(DEC)operates an ambient air monitoring network throughout the Perth metropolitan region, along with regional monitoring in Busselton and Bunbury. Various industries also monitor for pollutants in the Kwinana Industrial Area, Swan Valley, the south west and Kalgoorlie. The data are supplied to the Department under various licence conditions. We also use a number of computer modelling techniques to further understand air quality in Perth.

To see what Western Australia's air quality is like, follow these links:

Kwinana Peel
Kwinana Peel
The latest Daily and weekly air quality index summary reports are also available. The major pollutants of concern, found in all urban areas such as Perth, are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, photochemical oxidants (measured as ozone), sulphur dioxide, lead and inhalable particles .

Other pollutants of concern include air toxics such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), visibility reducing particles and fluoride. Ambient air quality in WA is assessed against nationally agreed standards (Ambient Air Quality National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM)) and standards established by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in Environmental Protection Policies.

In the absence of standards, DEC and the EPA may specify a guideline value against which air quality can be compared. By running a monitoring network, we are able to provide information to the community.

DEC is able to use the monitoring data in the prediction of haze and photochemical smog events, to verify compliance with NEPM standards, evaluate the effectiveness of control measures, and to assess the population's exposure to the various air pollutants.

Find out what influences Perth's air quality.

Perth Haze Alerts

Haze alerts are issued when relevant between 1 June - 30 September each year.

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